I’m a minimalist Branding & Design Consultant in Ireland — with a holistic approach, driven by human interaction.

Branding is all about creating meaningful connections and relationships — then cultivating them. With shared values and honest principles being at the heart of each connection, brands which think strategically through design, enjoy seamless brand loyalty.

As a minimalist, I believe the most effective and efficient solutions are the simplest. Clarity and distinction are incredibly important in such a world full of noise.

For more than 10 years, I have been helping startup brands and small businesses create meaningful and memorable brand experiences.

I have been fortunate to serve an array of brands, in diverse industries including lifestyle, fashion, culture, not-for-profit and corporate.

Regardless of the category or industry, my core approach is the same — holistic. I consider every possible brand touchpoint as an opportunity for a unique experience and this ethos is reflected in my approach to branding, visual design, design systems, film and photography.

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